A “Tipping Point” Just Happened Inside My Throat

Well, that was fun. As predicted in October, the voice lift I had was temporary, and it’s pretty much gone now as far as I can tell. I’ve noticed it in my voice, which has lost strength, low end and is more hoarse (the guy at our local fruiterie asked if I had a cold as I was checking out the broccoli and mozzarella last night). More like what it was in the early fall. But the place I really notice–and miss–is swallowing. After paralysis, I relearned to swallow. Then I relearned again after the voice lift but it was much easier. Now I am relearning my original relearning. Especially not fun with pills and, oddly, long pasta noodles.

I phoned ENT at the General yesterday for my next one. I don’t have a date yet, but this time, I will be ready.