I did not experience much of tomorrow last year

I’m not terribly big on anniversaries, and certainly not unhappy ones ones, but a year ago today I went into surgery and did not find my way back to consciousness again for several days. Looking back at the blog entries (Feb 2010 on the menu to the left if you dare) I’m struck by what I do and don’t remember from this period. I remember briefly waking up in the operating room while they tried to figure out if I could breath. I remember flashes of the recovery room and the ICU, and being wheeled into a room of my own the following Tuesday.

I don’t know how much more I’ll write about the experience right now as all of my writing energy is going into book revisions. It’s very close and I can feel it, especially when I talk about it. I can apprehend the totality in a way that’s only possible near the end of a project.

But I will post a few pictures from my stay to mark the time, since I took them and never posted them.