Without a countdown, I lose all sense of time

Not really, but I think the opiates are staying with me into the daytime, making the whole “get back to work” thing a little tougher and slower than I had imagined.

I can confirm that without daily treatments, the radiation’s effects continue to get worse. The burn is really ugly, and swallowing hurts more, not less. The fatigue is steady but I have a new theory on that, which would also explain my erratic sleeping and my sudden tendency to run hot: I’m slightly hyperthyroid instead of hypothyroid. Though the sleep may just be a cough issue.

Anyway, I guess I’m “done” but I still get to be a “sick person” awhile longer.

Symptom report aside, I have managed to socialize a bit, keep up with walks, and do some of the things that have been piling up on my desk when I wasn’t working at all. I’ve also been keeping up with the World Cup. Monday I had what seems to have become my annual Entourage disaster and spent several hours on the phone with tech support at McGill and Microsoft (and Carrie put in a call with Apple as my voice was giving out). Ugh. I had planned to revisit my choice of digital tools sometime during sabbatical. Email programs just went to the top of that list.