In honor of the World Cup, let us now say that EBR is in “additional time.” Substitutions are being made and players are making that last bit of extra desperate effort. It was supposed to be a six-week affair, but holidays and a broken x-ray have left me with 4 sessions next week, meaning Friday will be my last. After that, I will have an unspecified period of recovery.

After week 6, swallowing has grown more painful and the cough and soreness are enough to warrant some nighttime narcotics, which leave me wooly headed in the morning. The fatigue, happily, appears to be steady in its effects and I’m sort of living with it. Sunny days seem to help.

Also, Friday was a followup with the thoracic surgeon regarding a CT scan of my chest, the subject of today’s excessively literal haiku:

That blip in my lungs
they didn’t think was cancer?
It isn’t cancer.

Probably, anyway. No change since January. Followup in a year.