Promotional Photo for Saw XXIV + Holding Pattern

Neal Thomas graciously offered to photoshop the pictures of the EBR mask onto my faculty photo. The results are impressive, though I am as yet undecided as to whether this should replace my official faculty photo on the McGill site:

Is it more lucha libre or horror film? Please don’t answer that.

Meanwhile, I appear to be in a holding pattern. The original plan was to start EBR next week. But before that can happen, I need an appointment for a dress rehearsal. They keep promising to call me, but as of yet I have not been given a date. So it’s wait and see and make a lot of plans in tentative form. So it looks like EBR may not begin next Monday. We shall see.

I am confirmed for an appointment Friday to see my endo and get my synthroid raised, and that should be a happy occasion.

In other news, Carrie and I headed off to Stowe, Vermont for a couple days. We were so totally overdue for a vacation, we decided a small one was better than none. I’ve always preferred massive, soulless corporate hotels to “quirky” bed and breakfast joints, and we found a nice big resort that was also empty because it’s the off-season. Really empty. Carrie kept making jokes about The Shining although there were other guests there and we were not in danger at any time. We took a few treatments at the spa. I had my first-ever facial–called a “gentleman’s facial” of course so no man need fear for his masculinity. Though as far as I can tell I have exactly the same treatment as Carrie so I’m pretty sure that it’s a gentleman’s facial because I’m a man. I can’t say I’ll be having a second. It’s been an intense week or so for my face. The other treatments were pretty good, if overpriced. (But then, it is a spa in a resort hotel, so what do you expect?) I did find myself wondering what spa culture must have been like prior to the new age movement, though. It seems so influenced by that.

Anyway, we got into vacation mode in record time (we usually take a day or so to settle down into it), which is good because we only had a little over 48 hours. Left me wanting more, but that’s always the case.