#4: Update on Jonathan

Jonathan has made great strides in the past two days — needing less and less pain meds, up and walking laps through the hospital hallways, and fully able to bathe himself and dress. He’s no longer on any IVs, and has had his feeding tube removed, which is a relief. Interestingly at Montreal General, you eat by ordering room service. I literally pick up the phone in his hospital room, and order from a menu of food options that include several vegetarian choices. Amazing. I can’t tell you how tasty it is. Jon is just happy to be eating on his own, so it all probably tastes good. Everything he eats has to be thickened, so his apple juice is like pudding. Mmmm…..

We thought Jon might get a smaller tracheostomy tube today, but it sounds now like he’ll get a smaller one on Tuesday, with the idea that he will no longer need any tracheostomy by Friday the 26th. We are hopeful that this will be the case. With a smaller tube he’ll do more breathing through his nose and mouth, and be able to move more air through his vocal chords, enabling him to speak.

All in all, he’s doing remarkably well. Will make another update in a day or two!